Displacement: 162(ml)
Maximum Speed: 95(km/h)
Wheelbase: 1300(mm)
L*W*H: 2100*780*1100(mm)
Brake Type(F): Disk Type
Brake Type(R): Drum Type

整车草图:Finished motorcycle sketch

链盒设计效果图:Chain cover design sketch

The motorbike’s outlook design is new, and its unique character reflects the feature of the age. It combines the edge of off-road and racing motorbikes, and leads the motorbike fashion.

The motorcycle‘s higher ground clearance improves its running on mudstone road; the upper and lower front-fender design increases the wheel’s moving ability on the mud road. And its off-road performance enhances because of the two designs.

The front and rear are both off-road tires, which improves the Motorcycle’s road holding, giving the rider a stable travel when on the rough dirt road or stony road.

The fuel tank and seat are designed to match well with human body. When the rider rides on a rocky road, his two legs can hold tight to the fuel tank, and gain a better control of the motorcycle. The head lamp uses HS1 bulb, making the light stronger at night. And the shining tail lamp makes it safer to ride at night.

Front fender is design follow the road condition, to increase the running throughput. The new front absorber design makes the driver more comfortable go through the broken road. The seat and fuel tank size design follow the body engineering design, will reduce driver tired.

Praise highly a new driving life mode, it will make you wild at the street anytime and also cross-country at path in the mountain, it is a new concept model combination of street and cross-country